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Meet Our Bulldoggity Team

English or French, we just love bulldogs. As bulldog owners and enthusiasts, we are here to share our wealth of knowledge about the top-of-the-line gear for bulldogs to keep your pet looking (and feeling) good. We want your experience with your buly to be the best that it can be, which means we only recommend useful, high-quality products that will keep your fur baby healthy and happy. 

With so much advice out there on the internet regarding pet care and the best products, we know how it can become overwhelming for new pet owners and longtime pet owners alike to make the best buying decisions for their pets. Too many times, people end up overspending on products that aren’t designed for bulldogs specifically, and we want to ensure that buyers are getting the correct product for their dog. 

No matter what you’re looking for, our team has suggestions (and options!) for you. 

Bulldoggity is the one-stop shop for everything bulldog-related. If you’re searching for bulldog accessories, new dog food, great chew toys, or even pet insurance, we are here to act as a resource for you to research different options so that you, the pet parent, can make the most informed decision. We’ll walk you through our thought process and offer a final opinion about what option you should pursue. 

Our Mission

Here at Bulldoggity, we promise to only give you bully product recommendations you can actually trust. We care about our bulldogs, and we want to offer an opportunity to other bulldog enthusiasts to share their experiences, learn about the best ways to care for their pet, and even compare shampoo options. Before we consider making a recommendation, our team of bulldog experts thoroughly tests out the bulldog product. Our number one goal is to deliver you with the raw, honest, and real reviews you’ve been searching for. 

What We Offer 

We know how important your bully is. After all, bulldogs are wonderful companions that make a perfect addition to your family. We’re here to help you make sure that you can care for your bulldog to the highest standard.

We choose a focus point for our articles. We write about bulldog health, gear, toys, and training. For any given subcategory, we aim to bring you a fair and honest review about the different items on the market. When we decide to review something, we are writing from our own minds and opinions regarding the product. There are so many options out there to try, and we’re trying them all on your behalf! 

How This Works

This is the method we take to every comparison, review, and article we write. Our goal is to give our readers the information they need before investing in the bully dog toys, services, and products for your dog!

We have a multi-step review process depending on the product in question and how we plan to rank the different bulldog toys we’re writing about. 

  1. A service or product sparks our interest or is recommended to us and we purchase it for review. We don’t accept free trials from the manufacturer, so we can always remain unbiased.
  2. Depending on the product, we test it. If it is something like pet insurance, however, we compare specs and put all of the information into an easy-to-read format for you to digest.
  3. We write our articles with a little bit of additional personal flair so we can share our personal experience with each product. 
  4. The person doing the research on the product writes the article. The individual who used the product is the same person who authors the article and provides personal experience to inform the article.
  5. We update the piece as needed and answer any community questions as they come about! Be sure to always drop your opinions in the comments so we can continue to make our articles even better!

One more thing: we get it. As bulldog lovers ourselves, we know how important it is to use quality products that are special for our pets. 

Our Core Values 

  • Passion
  • Joy
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Loyalty
  • Companionship

About the Team 

We are puppy-petting, bulldog-loving, dog-walking bulldog enthusiasts. We love our bulldogs, and we love testing out products for them! We always find ourselves spending sunny weekends at the dog park and snuggling up with our bulldogs at home. 

Whether we’re testing out the best harness types for Frenchies or letting our pups decide what is truly the best food for bulldogs, we’re always here to actually try out the products we recommend. We want to act as your trusted advisor when you’re making decisions for your pet so that you can make the best choices for your money.

We’re not here to sell you on a product; we’re here to give you the unbiased information you need to make the best choice for you and your bulldog.

Alexandra Gavrilescu – Frenchie Fur Mom

A few years ago, Alexandra wanted to find a dog that would match the personality she has. She didn’t want a shy or timid dog. As she searched online for adoptable dogs, she found her first Frenchie. Now that she’s been a French fur mom for a few years, she’s fallen in love with bulldogs. Alexandra loves how big their personalities are and how much fun they are to have as an adventure buddy!

Why am I giving advice on Bulldoggity?

First of all, I am in love with all pets and animals, especially dogs, cats, and horses. I believe they are truly amazing and we are blessed to have them by our side. Nothing compared to the unconditional love of your pet. Secondly, I was a dog owner and during those years, I’ve learned a lot about how to properly take care of a pet, take him to the doctor from when he was a puppy to administer his shots, then to his annual appointments, and so on. I’ve learned a lot about dog food as well, about different needs related to different dog breeds.

What made you fall in love with bulldogs? 

I fell in love with these cutie pies when I first laid my eyes on a French bulldog that one of my neighbors had in his yard. Later, he told me how much he took care of the dog. Bella was her name and she always slept inside but, during days with warm weather, she would do her lazy poses out in the sun. Every time I walked by the dog’s fence, she recognized me and she came near me to pet her. I was so fond of Bella. Last year, the neighbor moved away and took Bella with him, obviously. I still miss her very much and I always look through the fence, at the house, and think about her. Maybe that sounds a bit cheesy but I loved her dearly although she wasn’t mine.

That took place over 7 years ago, and, since then, I developed a passion for all bulldogs, not only Frenchies.

I’ve even participated in one of the city meetings at the largest park here. This event takes place once a year and everyone who owns a bulldog and wants to meet other bulldogs owners can attend while their dogs socialize with each other. It’s a lovely event.

What’s the best tip you have for training bulldogs? 

Bulldogs are a bit hard to train since they can be quite stubborn and have a strong personality. Also, from my experience, most of them are lazy and would love to spend all day long sitting and being cared for instead of doing tricks or running around. However, I’ve seen a few bulldogs playing at the park with their owners and fetching small play balls. So, not all of them are lazy and sometimes they enjoy good physical activity.

First and foremost, when training bulldogs, you must have a lot of patience. Then, you should start by teaching them the simplest commands such as sit and stay. Other commands like drop-it or leave-it are super important too since bulldogs tend to have a pretty strong grip and they should let go of an item when you ask them to.

What’s one toy you’d recommend to all bulldog owners?

There are several great toys that you should consider for your bulldog, based on its unique needs as a dog breed. Bulldogs tend to suckle and chew their toys, so start with that in mind when searching for a toy. Pet-friendly stuffed toys are a great option. But I would personally choose a chew toy such as silicone ball because it’s versatile and it serves multiple purposes. For instance, with a ball, you can play fetch with your bulldog and encourage it to engage in physical activity. Also, you can use this type of toy during your dog’s training sessions. Lastly, your bulldogs will love chewing on that squishy ball. 

Candace Osmond – Lifelong Bully Owner

Candace remembers falling in love with her first bulldog when she was able to gently grab their wrinkles. She thinks the best feature of a bulldog is their wrinkly mugs. Since owning her first bully as a child, she hasn’t owned any other breed since! As she’s gotten older, Candace also realized she loves the headstrong nature of bulldogs too. Her years of experience as a bulldog owner have given her insight into the ups and downs of bulldog ownership, and she’s here to share that with you too! 

Why am I giving advice on Bulldoggity?

I’m a proud bull-mom and love bulldogs! I’ve had Allie McBull for almost 6 years now and she’s taken me to every corner of owning a bulldog.

What made you fall in love with bulldogs? 

The wrinkles! I’m a sucker for them. And their grumpy little faces.

What’s the best tip you have for training bulldogs? 

Never, and I mean NEVER put them in a bath. Dry shampoo and sun bathing are the best ways to keep your bullie clean.

What’s one toy you’d recommend to all bulldog owners?

Anything by Kong. Those are built to last for our big chewers.

 I also loved Bullybox; a monthly subscription box of awesome treats and toys designed for bulldogs.

What are your social media links?

Instagram and Tiktok


Start checking out some of our most popular articles and exploring the best options for your bulldog. We hope to see you around the dog park soon!


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