Best Harness for French Bulldog – Top Picks

I love French bulldogs so much. They are sociable and loyal dogs. They also love to cuddle and that’s how they’ll win your heart. In terms of companion dogs, Frenchies are one of the best dog breeds to consider. In today’s article, I will tell you how to find the Best Harness for French Bulldog and share some interesting choices to pick from.

I will also detail some other insights such as why French bulldog owners should use a harness, different types of available harnesses, and the aspects to keep in mind if you want to pick the right option.

Best Harness for French Bulldog – Top 7 Choices

I’ve chosen the following products based on their popularity and reviews. They aren’t listed in any particular order.

Easy Walk Dog Harness by PetSafe

Easy Walk Dog Harness by PetSafe

One of the most important aspects of this brand is its reputation and long history on the market.

The Easy Walk Deluxe harness was designed over 15 years ago and the one who created it was a veterinary behaviorist. His product is tried, tested, and trusted by millions of dog owners as well as dog trainers.

It’s a top-notch and useful dog harness that will safely help you teach your dog some essential leash manners.

Its design is pretty straightforward which means that this harness is easy to use. All you have to do is focus on the straps located around the dog’s belly and those surrounding its shoulders.

The straps are simple and lightweight but they’re also durable. Due to the way it is structured, this harness allows your Frenchie to breathe easier, a perk that other bulkier harnesses don’t offer.

You can choose from four different colors: apple, rose pink, ocean, and steel.

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness

Auroth Tactical Dog Training Harness

The Auroth dog harness looks very sophisticated and complex but it is easy to put on and adjust. The fabrics are very sturdy and the vest is made of heavy-duty material.

The harness clips in either the front or the back part. If you use this product, your walks with your French bulldog will become much more enjoyable, in a fun and safe way.

There’s also padding on the interior of the harness that provides some extra comfort.

You can choose from a wide range of interesting colors and patterns. My favorite is army yellow but the harness also comes in black, blue camo, grey, desert camo, grey camo, woodland camo, and red camo.

This product will offer you total control and security over your furry friend. You will be able to go out with your dog and relax on safe walks.

The company offers a satisfaction guarantee but you should check their website if you want to find out more about this advantage.

WINSEE Dog Harness

dog harness winsee

The Winsee harness for dogs comes with a sturdy handle as well as reflective straps.

Both the chest girth and neck collar are customizable and adjustable. It is a very affordable harness that’s marketed in different sizes and colors. Based on how large your Frenchie is, you can opt for a small, medium, large, extra small, or extra-large size.

The colors are to die for: besides black, you can also opt for a blue, red, green, light brown, orange, pink, and silver harness.

Don’t let the price fool you into thinking that this is a low-quality harness because that’s definitely not the case. This product is reflective and adjustable.

To provide additional control, you may hook this harness in the front but there’s also the option to hook it in the back. With it, your French bulldog will surely be calmer during its walks.

The oxford fabric is high-quality. The mesh lining that covers the harness is breathable.

Step-in Air Harness by Voyager

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

This vest-like harness works well in any weather. There are so many fun and interesting colors to pick from and I confess that this would be my favorite part if I were to buy it.

You can check the sizing chart before ordering the Voyager dog harness to see if it will fit your Frenchie properly.

With this harness, year-round walks aren’t impossible anymore. It is a lightweight product and it features reflective bands that allow you to keep an eye on your Frenchie during your nighttime walks.

The structure of this harness will prevent your dog from tangling its back legs into the leash.

The Voyager harness comes in many cute colors: pink, blue, purple, fuchsia, orange, lime green, red, turquoise, and yellow.

You can even purchase a few different harnesses that your Frenchie can wear for its daily walks so that it will always stand out among other dogs.

Ruffwear Padded Dog Harness

RUFFWEAR - Front Range Dog Harness

The Ruffwear dog harness is a great product made of high-quality materials. It comes in many fun colors such as campfire orange (which is my favorite), twilight grey, hibiscus pink, red sumac, Tumalo teal, and huckleberry blue.

There are also different sizes to choose from; based on whether your Frenchie is still a puppy or an adult dog, sizes range from extra small to extra-large.

This reflective harness is durable and lightweight and it features a V-ring on the back which makes it comfortable and safe.

The strips that come across your dog’s belly and chest are padded with foam and the structure of this product enables equal load distribution which is essential when your Frenchie is walking or running.

Its design leads to lowered pulling. In fact, this harness is very useful when or if you’re training your French bulldog. It’s easy to use; you can put it on or take it off of your dog in no time.

Julius-K9 PowerHarness

Julius-K9 PowerHarness

This dog harness from Julius-K9 is very sturdy and made of premium materials. It’s very easy to use and it comes with interchangeable loop and hook patches.

The edges, as well as the chest strap, are reflective and those particular features will improve both safety and visibility.

There are over 10 different colors and over 5 available sizes, that dog owners can choose from.

Normally, most people associate Julius-K9 harnesses with larger dog breeds but the company actually caters to all dog breed sizes. This harness resembles the one used by police dogs.

Besides having a beautiful design, this is also a water-repellant harness which is a major advantage.

On the belly part, there’s a strap with a heavy-duty buckle. You can easily adjust the chest strap hook. All these amazing features will come in handy when you’re walking your dog.

Maximum Comfort Dog Harness by EcoBark

Dog Harness by EcoBark

The EcoBark dog harness is made of breathable materials that are padded in the front.

The design is made in such a way that it prevents any potential accidents like choking. The areas under the armpits don’t have any plastic connectors which is great because it helps you avoid any rashes.

The brand is marketed by a company that has an eco-friendly reputation. The nylon webbing is created from recycled water bottles.

There are so many fun colors to pick from: blue, green, pink, yellow, purple, and more. The available sizes range from extra small to XX-large.

The EcoBark harness is very cute and it is a product that won’t pollute the environment. However, it can be a tad bulky for a small dog and it is a bit more difficult to put it on compared to the other harnesses I’ve reviewed above.

That’s because you must pass your Frenchie’s head through the harness’s opening and that neck part isn’t adjustable.

Best Harness for French Bulldogs – Main Types

Let’s see what the main types of dog harnesses are and discuss their pros and cons.

Front-Clip Harness

This type of harness comes with a clip in front of the item which is also in front of your French bulldog’s chest. You won’t see these harnesses as much as the other ones because many pet owners avoid them. They are still a very good option.

Front-clip harnesses are excellent for dogs that pull a lot during their walks. As soon as your dog starts to pull forward, it will immediately feel a front pressure in its chest which will encourage it to slow down.

There’s also a drawback of this type of harness: the leash clip is located close to the dog’s legs and your pet’s legs might get tangled in it.

Back-Clip Harness

Many dog owners use back-clip harnesses because they are very safe. The attachment of the leash will be located away from the pet’s throat and neck. In other words, you will avoid injuring your dog without intention. This type of harness also keeps the leash away from the legs to prevent tangling issues.

If your dog is a puller, this harness won’t stop its tendencies because the force of the leash is at the other end of the way your Frenchie moves or walks.

Head Harness

Although it looks like muzzles, the head halter is useful when you’re walking your Frenchie, especially if it’s a strong puller or acts impulsively.

A head harness features two straps: one that comes across your dog’s snout and the second one that surrounds the pet’s neck. You will attach the leash below the dog’s chin.

If your dog is more aggressive, this type of harness might come in handy although that is not common with French bulldogs. A lot of dogs don’t enjoy wearing a head harness and they might not react well to it.

Dual-Clip Harness

As the name suggests, this type of harness comes with two hooks, one in the back and the second one in the front. You can attach the leash to any of these two places. You can even use two leashes if you want more control over the way your dog moves.

It is the most flexible harness of all and it offers maximal control. If you use both hooks at the same time, your dog might get confused at first. Also, two hooks might imply a higher price.

Rehabilitation Harness

If your Frenchie suffers from an injury that leads to limited mobility, rehabilitation harnesses should be your go-to option.

The way this harness works resembles the one of a sling that wraps all around your French bulldog’s body. It features a top handle that you can use to help your pet by taking part of the dog’s body weight away from it.

How to Choose the Best Dog Harness

Best Harness for French Bulldog

Selecting the right type of harness for your French bulldog without exceeding your pre-established budget can be a bit overwhelming, especially because there are a lot of options available on the market.

Once you learn the main types of dog harnesses as well as their advantages and downsides, you can figure out which one will suit your pet a lot easier.

What Type of Harness Should You Choose?

  • Front-clip harnesses work best for dogs who tend to pull a lot during walks;
  • Back-clip harnesses are suitable for trained and calm dogs;
  • Head harnesses are the perfect choice if your Frenchie acts rash during its walk;
  • Dual-clip harnesses are good because they offer increased flexibility and it allows you to use two different leashes for addition control;
  • Rehabilitation harnesses are suitable for disabled dogs that have trouble walking normally either because of being too old or because of an injury they suffered such as arthritis, dysplasia, and even recent surgery.

What Type of Material Should a Harness Be Made of?

The majority of dog harnesses are created with synthetic fabrics such as nylon. That’s because a nylon harness is a lot easier to adjust. Padded harnesses are more expensive alternatives but your Frenchie will feel much more comfortable in those and they won’t irritate your pet’s skin.

Most of these products are covered with a breathable mesh.

What’s the Right Size of Dog Harness that You Should Choose?

To figure out the proper size of the harness that you must purchase you should measure your dog. Pick a flexible measuring tape and see how big your dog’s chest is.

Wrap the tape around your pet’s rib cage to see its circumference. Then, you must measure its neck by wrapping the measuring tape around it.

To find out the size of your dog’s neck, you should place the tape around the neck area that’s the thickest and that’s located exactly where the neck ends and the shoulders begin. Some harness purchasing guides provide a weight option. If that’s the case, you should also weigh your dog.


Question: Why Should French Bulldog Owners Use a Harness?

Answer: Frenchies love to go on a walk but you should know that they must avoid too long walks because of the breed’s obstructive breathing issue.
However, daily short walks are great for them to release some of their accumulated energy. It is also an excellent method to bond with your pet.

Because of these dogs’ breathing difficulties, using a leash rather than a harness will have that negative pulling effect that occurs almost every time, regardless of the dog’s breed or size. Harnesses can lower that particular effect.

Another advantage is given by those special harnesses that have the purpose of rehabilitation. This type of harness comes in handy if your dog is disabled because it provides you with more control over the pup.

Question: Should You Use a Harness and a Collar?

Answer: Using a harness and a collar at the same time is a great idea because the harness is safer to use and more comfortable for your dog while the collar can be used to carry your pet’s identification tags. These tags usually contain the dog’s name and your contact details that are useful if, God forbid, your dog gets lost.

Harnesses are also excellent when you want to train your puppy. Attaching the leash to a harness is much safer and more secure during training sessions because it won’t allow the leash to strain your dog’s neck. Also, your Frenchie won’t be able to slip out of the harness like they could when using only a collar.

Question: How Can You Help Your French Bulldog to Get Used to Its New Harness?

Answer: First and foremost, you must allow your pet to smell the harness. You could even place its favorite treat on it so, when your Frenchie eats the treat right of the new product, it will associate it with something pleasant. Every time you place the harness on your dog, praise it and say how good it behaves.

Finally, you should let your Frenchie wear the harness around the house a couple of times without the leash, before actually taking it out for a walk.

Best Harness for French Bulldogs – Final Thoughts

Well, I hope in this Best Harness for French Bulldog review, you have at least picked one favorite.

All the harnesses described above are worthy of your consideration. Make sure you pick one that’s adjustable and flexible so that your little buddy will feel comfy when wearing it. The right kind of harness makes a lot of difference when you walk your pet.

I would recommend trying the Winsee dog harness due to its adjustable features. With the proper harness, you and your pup will have a great time outdoors.

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